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News | Brands for Less opts for Yandex Ads for better business outcomes and online sales boost

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Brands for Less opts for Yandex Ads for better business outcomes and online sales boost

288 Views / News Story by Advert On Click / 2 November 2023
Brands for Less opts for Yandex Ads for better business outcomes and online sales boost

Since the beginning, Brands for Less has been a pioneer in bringing affordable designer products to various markets.

With many renowned brands and in-house labels, this discount retail chain provides a wide array of items, from fashion apparel and accessories to household goods and electronics.

A trailblazer in off-price retailing, Brands for Less constantly pushes the boundaries to offer customers value and style without breaking the bank.

Digital footprint
Having built a solid reputation in the brick-and-mortar retail market, Brands for Less aimed to intensify its digital footprint. So, when the time came to select a digital advertising partner, the decision to consider Yandex Ads was an easy one.

With the unique traffic sources of Yandex Advertising Network that brings exclusive audience inaccessible to other companies and technologies serving business needs of the e-commerce clients, Yandex Ads offered an unbeatable advantage.

The cutting-edge ML-technologies used by Yandex Ads understand the nature of e-com business from inside out as it was specifically tailored for e-coms. The models are being trained on the e-com data, not mixing them up with other industries. As a result, clients are set for success and ongoing growth.

The advertising campaign was implemented across both Web and App, ensuring laser-sharp coverage of potential customers across various platforms.

Dynamic retargeting
The primary advertising strategy applied was e-commerce tailored dynamic retargeting to reach the online audiences that have shown interest in product but didn’t convert into buying.

The test campaign, executed from April to June 2023 was fully sponsored by Yandex Ads and brought very good deliverables when it comes to e-commerce fundamentals such as ROAS, CR, CPA. It also proved to show 16 per cent incrementality increase compared to most commonly used AdTech platforms, which is an excellent result for an online retailer. Now, let’s delve into the details of the campaign’s results.

The campaign achieved a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of almost 500 per cent, a crucial metric that validates the efficacy of the advertising strategy. It also proves Yandex Ads ability to effectively reach target audiences and drive engagement to deliver strong advertising returns for businesses like Brands for Less.

Revenue spike
The next vital performance indicator was a number of conversions, which represents the transformation of viewers into actual buyers. The 3-month test campaign saw the number of conversions doubling during the first two months and showing ongoing growth of revenue spike.

The cost of CPA dropped almost 50 per cent since the campaign launch. Such an improvement is reflective of Yandex Ads services’ proficiency at not only reaching and engaging target audiences but also compelling them to take an action.

Yandex Ads all-inclusive client service with a local presence across the region, took care of everything: be it the budget planning, goal setting, integration up through campaign launch and constant recommendations for better performance.

Brands for Less’ strategic decision to partner with Yandex Ads has led to a remarkable enhancement of their key performance indicators. Their carefully crafted online advertising strategy, centered around dynamic retargeting, has not only amplified their Return on Ad Spend but also significantly boosted their conversion numbers.

“The results of the test campaign underscore the effectiveness of Yandex Ads as a powerful performance marketing tool. Our successful partnership stands as a testament to the synergy between Brands for Less’ commitment to value and style, and Yandex’s expertise in a result-driven and business focused digital advertising,” said Hamza Al-Sayyed, Senior Performance Marketer at Brands For Less.

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