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News | How AI is Revolutinizing the Advertising Industry

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How AI is Revolutinizing the Advertising Industry

888 Views / News Story by Advert On Click / 2 April 2024
Source: cxotoday
How AI is Revolutinizing the Advertising Industry

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advertising responds to the need for more personalised and efficient campaigns. By analysing extensive data sets, AI enables the creation of tailored advertisements, enhancing their effectiveness. It also fosters deeper consumer engagement through interactive experiences like AI-powered chatbots.

As a result, AI is reshaping how businesses connect with their audience in the advertising landscape. Looking ahead, the continuous evolution of AI promises to unlock new opportunities in advertising, making it a dynamic and exciting field to watch.   The realm of advertising has been significantly transformed by the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), touching upon three fundamental pillars crucial to its success.  

Personalization: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has greatly improved advertising personalization by analysing extensive consumer data, including browsing habits and purchase history. This enables tailored advertisements that resonate with individual preferences, enhancing the consumer experience and campaign effectiveness. Relevant content delivery fosters deep consumer engagement, driving brand loyalty and sales. AI is now an essential tool for impactful, personalised advertising.

In our “Royal Stag Live It Large – A Billion Films for A Billion Fans” campaign, we harnessed the power of AI to create a unique, personalised experience for each fan. Fans registered, uploaded their photo and voice sample, and selected their gender. AI was then used to swap their face and voice onto a model, generating a video of the fan being in the video with cricket stars. This innovative use of AI created a unique, immersive experience for each fan. Efficiency: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advertising has revolutionised marketing efficiency.

AI’s real-time data analysis informs decision-making, leading to targeted campaigns. It automates repetitive tasks, freeing marketers for strategic work, improving campaign execution speed and accuracy, and reducing costs.

In our “Royal Stag Live It Large – A Billion Films for A Billion Fans” campaign, we used AI to generate personalised videos where Rohit Sharma was seen saying the name for each fan who registered. This not only created a unique experience for each fan but also allowed us to generate millions of personalised videos quickly and cost-effectively. Engagement: The integration of AI in advertising can analyse vast amounts of data to identify patterns and predict consumer behaviour, allowing marketers to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. This has resulted in higher engagement rates, as ads are more relevant and appealing to consumers. Furthermore, AI-powered chatbots provide instant, personalised responses, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

Thus, AI has not only made advertising more efficient but also more engaging. As the Founder of Tagglabs, I am proud to share that our collaboration with boAt for the ICC 2023 Men’s World Cup led to the creation of a unique music video, ‘India India’, which was a first of its kind. This innovative use of AI allowed us to engage audiences in a novel way. Similarly, as mentioned above, our campaign for Seagram’s Royal Stag during the World Cup was another testament to our creative use of AI. We gave fans the opportunity to be part of a personalised film featuring their favourite cricketers.  

These initiatives highlight our commitment to leveraging AI to create high-impact, interactive experiences that resonate with audiences. At Tagglabs, we believe in the power of AI to transform advertising, and we are excited about the possibilities it holds for the future.