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News | Shoppable Ads Are Paying Off for Smart TV Owners

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Shoppable Ads Are Paying Off for Smart TV Owners

252 Views / Article by Advert On Click / 18 October 2023
Shoppable Ads Are Paying Off for Smart TV Owners

Exclusive: Kerv and Samsung Ads data finds that consumers are welcoming two-screen experiences

Top line
A recent survey of 1,000 smart TV owners from Samsung Ads and AI-powered video and tech platform Kerv Interactive found that consumers are welcoming shoppable and two-screen experiences into their TV viewing.

Between the lines
The data found that more than a quarter of respondents shop online or on a mobile device while watching TV, and 28% browse for an item after seeing it on TV.

Additionally, 55% of respondents recall seeing a shoppable ad, and 50% have interacted with a shoppable ad. Of the respondents who recalled seeing shoppable advertising, 54% saw the ad on TV and 55% on their smartphone.

“Shoppable ads, being more dynamic by nature, are also proving to be more memorable,” Brad Quinn, vp, publisher partnerships, Kerv Interactive, said in a statement. “As platforms and brands are increasingly competing for viewer attention instead of traditional measures such as impressions, a dynamic and memorable shoppable ad that’s able to engage a consumer has a far greater value prop in the streaming ecosystem.”

According to the survey, 79% of respondents either scanned a shoppable QR code or looked up the product online to find out more information after seeing an ad. Meanwhile, 45% either scanned to purchase or bought the product at a later date in person or on a different device.

“The results provide a clear narrative of the changing dynamics of TV consumption and shopping behavior,” Diana Song, product marketing, ad experiences, Samsung Ads, said in a statement. “Consumers want an omnichannel experience. They want to be able to see the product on their TV and use their devices to learn more about the product and make purchases.”

Of those who made a purchase through a shoppable ad, the survey said 51.6% purchased it through their TV. However, 57% of consumers said they would most likely purchase using their smartphone.

Bottom line
The survey results showcase the growing importance of interactive advertising, with several companies recently upping their shoppable game.

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