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Article by Advert On Click / 17 May 2023
The advertising industry has experienced rapid evolutions in recent years, with new technological tools that optimize traditional methods on the one h...
Article by Advert On Click / 25 April 2023
While it is true that digital out-of-home (DOOH)  is the latest buzz in the outdoor advertising space and more & more brands n...
Article by Advert On Click / 1 February 2023
Many of the developments hitting the sports world are creating new distribution paths which, rather than posing a threat to advertising, can open up n...
Article by Advert On Click / 13 January 2023
A strong social media presence is essential to most brands’ success these days, with social advertising playing a key part in any company’...
News Story by Advert On Click / 20 December 2022
Dave Otis, vice president, independent U.S. agencies, Seedtag There is a shift underway when it comes to how brands are deciding with whom to partner...
News Story by Advert On Click / 13 December 2022
The ongoing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 that takes place once in every four years, has attracted many global brands. Be it for advertising or creating a...
News Story by Advert On Click / 18 November 2022
The fourth quarter is a unique time of the year when people’s minds and wallets are open. But to realize the potential of the holiday season, br...
News Story by Advert On Click / 31 October 2022
Exchange4media: India is a land of sports enthusiasts and the power-packed game of football is not only gaining popularity but also turning to be a ho...