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Statistics | Where Digital Media is Making Strides

Where Digital Media is Making Strides

396 Views / Report by Advert On Click / 19 April 2024
Where Digital Media is Making Strides

According to Statista's Advertising & Media Market Insights, 41 percent of global media sales were generated digitally last year - up one percentage point from 2022. The growth in upcoming years is projected to be at around the same pace. Digital media is expected to be responsible for 48 percent of all sales by 2029.

The segment is growing at a faster rate in the United States, which is already ahead of the curve when it comes to digital media and is expected to reach a majority of digital media sales from 2026 onwards. Between 2023 and 2029, U.S. digital media sales are expected to climb by 10 percentage points to 55 percent of all media sales. Asia also has a bigger digital media market than the world average. However, digital sales are expected to show below-average growth there and reach only 53 percent by 2029.

With a digital sales share of currently only 30 percent, the media landscape in Europe lags behind when it comes to monetizing online content. Until 2029, the number is expected to rise by 7 percentage points to 37 percent.

The media segments taken into account for the graphic are TV and video, music, radio and podcasts, games, newspapers and magazines as well as books.